Richard lives in The Yorkshire Dales National Park and works with fallen trees and branches. He uses the torn part of the wood, burns it, charring the surface, and then sculpts the rest leaving the natural color, based on the Japanese ‘Yakisugi’ technique. His terracotta ceramics are hand coiled and pit fired, derived from ethnic pottery. Both wood and ceramic are then decorated with oxides and polished with waxes. He works with mixed materials, wood, ceramic, stone and metal where his shapes have an organic, natural and even prehistoric look. Richard sees his work as if lightning has struck the tree exploding the sculpture from within. His inspiration comes from seeing the residual formations of wood and emergent new growth in the aftermath of a forest fire.

“Richard WM Hudson resolutely understands the former life of wood in making his art. We see here the survivors in wood, carefully chosen and kept special.” - Greville Worthington, Chairman, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

“Richard WM Hudson’s sculpture, whether it be charred wood or pottery appears almost prehistoric. The blackened and oxide surfaces harking back to the cooking pots and fires that enabled mankind's evolution. It is beautiful, majestic and evocative, and I commend it to you”  - Patrick Dingwall, Director of the North of England, Sotheby's, UK Chairman's Office.

ARTIST CONTACT:   +44 (0) 7906461057

instagram: richardwmhudson

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